saxonoath_091215Dr. David Saxon of Sanford’s Occupational Health Clinic here in town was recently sworn-in as a Specialized Deputy with the Stark County Sheriff’s Department.

Dr. Saxon approached the Southwest Tactical Team last year and offered SWAT medic services for the team. He served as a SWAT medic in Tennessee for many years prior to moving to North Dakota. The team was eager to have Dr. Saxon join the ranks, and his swearing-in as a Specialized Deputy will allow him to integrate with the team “on the front lines” and allow him legal authority to be armed as well.

Since many of the Southwest Tactical Team’s responses take it to remote areas of North Dakota, having a doctor on the team will greatly enhance the survivability of team members, citizens, and even suspects. The concept of having a doctor on a SWAT team is generally seen in big, metropolitan areas, so the team is very fortunate to have Dr. Saxon on calls.

Besides his current position as an occupational physician, Dr. Saxon has over three decades of emergency room exprience. He has a well-rounded knowledge of trauma care, which will apply greatly to SWAT combat medicine.

Dr. Saxon trains with the team at the same intervals as a regular SWAT operator. He has already conducted a Combat Lifesaver course for the team, and activley participates in the bi-weekly trainings.

The Southwest Tactical Team greatly appreciates Dr. Saxon’s commitment to the team, and the community! We would also like to thank Sheriff Terry Oestreich of the Stark County Sheriff’s Department for assisting the team by offering to deputize Dr. Saxon.