Dickinson PD 1941 (left to right) Dick Schuster, Chief Cyril Drury, Commissioner Lawton Osborn, Alex Wolf, and Joe Kessel.


Dickinson PD 1946 (left to right)
Chief Alex Wolf, Ernest Reiche, Frank Wolfe, George Hecker.


Dickinson PD 1947 (left to right)
Joe Faller, Chief Anton Zastoupil, Matt Zabel, Ernest Reiche.


Dickinson PD 1948 (left to right)
Jerry Splichal, Frank Wolf, Chief Ernest Reiche, Matt Zabel, Cliff Davis.


Dickinson PD 1949 (left to right) Don Hewson, Ted Olson, Joe Faller, Chief Matt Zabel, Pat Lenhardt, Henry Weber


Dickinson PD 1959

Back Row (left to right); Frank Riesinger, Donald Westrum, Merle Bacon, Jack Messmer, Gerald Barnhart

Front Row (left to right); Donald Ehli, Henry Weber, Chief Matt Zabel, Toney Tescher, Joe Boespflug


Dickinson PD 1963

Back Row (left to right); Norbert Sickler, Merle Bacon, Richard Gilje

Middle Row (left to right); Theodore Wanner, Donald Ehli, Clarence Kolling, Gerald Barnhart, Frank Riesinger

Front Row (left to right); Duane Wolf, Rosemary Jablonsky, Chief Matt Zabel, Henry Weber


Dickinson PD 1969

Back Row (left to right); Vaile Pender, CB Haas, Pat Lynch, Philip Walker, Jim Rice

Middle Row (left to right); Clarence Kolling, Thomas Schafer, Robert Nass, Frank Riesinger, Terry Askin, Tom Thompson

Front Row (left to right); Henry Weber, Chief Don Ehli, Commissioner Robert Baird, Duane Wolf, Henry Ghents


Dickinson PD 2013


Dickinson PD 2015


Dickinson PD 2017